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windfall definition: 1. an amount of money that you win or receive from someone unexpectedly: 2. a piece of fruit blown down from a tree: 3. an amount of money.
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The Edge of Sleep. Passenger List. Passenger List and Radiotopia. Imagined Life. A balance of seclusion with proximity, past with future, and rustic with sophistication.

Council Post: 11 Smart Ways To Invest An Unexpected Windfall

Nothing has been overlooked, from the architectural detailing and positioning of the homes to the color palette we have selected to ensure every home beautifully relates to one another and its environment. With its aforementioned neighbours, Windfall is already rich in year-round activities and amenities.

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And just for Windfall residents, there will be a barn-inspired, architecturally striking but unpretentious structure in the heart of the community, simply called The Shed, as a year-round social gathering place for all ages. Running through the heart of Windfall is a Nature Corridor, connecting trail systems to neighbourhoods that walkers, cyclists, cross country skiers and snowshoers can follow to cross the community from end to end.

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After debt is paid down, consider using some of the windfall to supplement your emergency fund. Understand your time horizon. If you know when you might need this money in the future, you can start to format how much risk you may or may not be comfortable taking. Also look to invest in the most tax-efficient matter. Can you use the windfall to contribute to a Roth or traditional IRA? Freedom from materialism: You just proved to yourself that money and the things that money can buy aren't that important.

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The first question to ask is whether to invest, pay down debt, or hold it in cash. Debt should be non-existent, low cost or tax-efficient -- otherwise, pay it off. Then put money in an emergency fund of three to six months' income. Once you've got those two covered, consider your investment goals, time horizon, taxation, and liquidity needs to determine the right investment vehicle and strategy. First, make sure you have an emergency fund of three to six months' expenses in the bank.

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  7. Then look at debts like credit cards, cars, student loans, etc. People forget or don't realize that paying off debt equals investing. While it's not a direct investment, you'll see gains in your cash flow, therefore increasing net worth. If there's any left, invest.