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Norfolk, Va. Dates for the first leave period will be approximately Dec.

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Naval Hospital The staff at Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay recently implemented a new program for elementary school-aged children. Flyers that included a permission slip were sent home to all students enrolled in the elementary school. The volunteer will plan a minimum of one activity each month with the child and it will be at no cost to the parent or to the school.

Among the activities that may be planned are fishing, going to the movies, treats at McDonald's, hikes, sport activities and any special interests of the child. The first meeting got off to a great start, and a special event is being planned for early November. Mexicans showed Californians how to pan for gold and introduced the technique of using mercury to separate silver from worthless ores.

Certain foods common in the United States are of Hispanic origin: tacos, tortillas, Caesar salad and chili con came, which was invented about by Mexican Americans in Texas.

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Some Hispanic words which have become part of the American language are rodeo, cabana, macho, bonanza, mosquito, chocolate, tobacco, adobe, burro, corral, desperado, incommunicado, patio, plaza, poncho, vigilante, cafeteria, hurricane, cannibal, manatee, tomato, canyon, armada, bronco and barbecue.

Six state names are of Hispanic origin: Texas from tejas, land of tile roofs , Nevada land of snow , Colorado red land , and California an imaginary island in Spanish folklore, "an earthly paradise" , Montana mountain and Florida state of flowers. Throughout the United States there are many cities and towns with Hispanicorigin names. In California alone, there are more than Census Bureau, more than 26 million people in the United States are of Hispanic origin.

That's about 10 percent. Teaching the contributions of Hispanic Americans and learning about the cultures from which they come have been the focal point of classroom activities and discussions during Hispanic Heritage Month. Why teach about Hispanic heritage? Or, for that matter, why teach about any heritage? Ellis This newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the military service stationed overseas.

Its contents do not necessarily reflect the official views of the U. Government, the Department of Defense or the U. Navy and do not imply endorsement thereof. Voice: , , Fax: E-mail: n04 usnbgtmo. More importantly, it is essential all students learn to understand the ethnic diversity that is our country, providing a multicultural education. Integrating cultures in social studies helps develop ethnic literacy in students.

Developing ethnic literacy fosters pride in one's own culture and a respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of others. Others trace their roots to the Spanish explorers, who in the s set out to find an easier and less costly way to trade with the Indies. For purposes of the U. Census, Hispanic Americans today are identified according to the parts of the world they or their ancestors came from, including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Spain or the nations of Central or South America.

The Hispanic Heritage Association HHA organized a series of events to demonstrate to the Guantanamo Bay community the diversity and uniqueness of the difference in our cultural development but also the togetherness that is so binding the Hispanic community. Come celebrate and honor the legacy of Hispanic Americans and culminate the celebrations for Hispanic Heritage Month.

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See you there. Hasta pronto y buena suerte!

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For more information, call me DWH While these dates offer no guarantee that your parcels will arrive in time for the holidays, if you mail as early as possible, there is a good chance they will. For most destinations, it is recommended you mail packages by midto-late November. In addition to meeting these suggested deadlines, it is important that mail is properly addressed. E The address only needs to be on one side of the box. Items mailed to the United States must not weigh more than 70 pounds and be not more than inches in length and girth.

All parcels must have a return address. Be sure to fill out the proper customs forms. You must write a detailed description of what is inside the parcel. This information was complied from the Base Police Journal and in no way indicates the outcome of any investigations. It further should not be considered a statement of responsibility of any person or persons involved in any investigation. Two units arrived on scene, took possession of the snake and relocated it. Dispatch received a telephone call reporting an individual had sustained a possible broken leg.

Two units arrived on scene and observed the victim to be conscious and alert. The U.

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  • Dispatch received a telephone call requesting assistance from Harbor Patrol in transporting an individual who needed medical attention due to a laceration sustained to his right arm. An ambulance picked up the victim and transported him to USNH for treatment and observation. Damage to government property Dispatch received a telephone call reporting an individual tripped on a bus step and fell into a window, shattering it. The victim was not injured.

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    The estimated cost of repairs is unknown. Dispatch received a telephone call reporting an individual was observed kicking and trying to damage a door to a residence. Three units arrived on scene and made contact with the witness and suspect. Two patrolman detained and transported the suspect to base police for processing. Another patrolman met with the victim who stated, she was awakened by an individual knocking and kicking the door.

    The Command Duty Officer issued a military protective order to the suspect and he was later released to his supervisor. Traffic violations Monthly total eight; two written citations, two written warnings and four verbal warnings. Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay Pediatrics Children love to play in and around water in pools, at beaches and even in the bathtub. These can be fun and educational activities for parents and their children as long as the play it safe. In many parts of the United States; drowning is the No. I cause of death in children under age five.

    Children drown in pools, bathtubs, toilets and even large buckets of water.


    Any amount of water, even a few inches, can be dangerous. Infants and toddlers are most at risk of drowning in bathtubs or by falling into large buckets around the house. Many bathtub drownings happen when a parent leaves a small child alone or with another young child. Never leave a young child alone in a bathtub, even for a few seconds. Supporting devices, such as bath rings, are not enough to keep your child from drowning. They must be watched by an adult at all times while in the bathtub. Toilets and large buckets or containers are also very dangerous for a child this age. Never leave a small child alone in the bathroom and keep doors closed. Install a latch or use a doorknob cover to keep your child from entering on his own. Keep toilet lids closed or use toilet locks. Be sure to empty all buckets or large containers immediately after use. Swimming pools are the No. Watch children closely and never leave a child alone in or near a pool, even for a moment. Empty inflatable pools and stow them after each use. Teaching your child to swim doesn't mean he or she is safe in the water.

    Even a child who knows how to swim may drown a few feet from safety if he or she gets confused or scared. If your family enjoys boating, sailing and fishing on the bay, make sure everyone wears the correct life jacket. Teach your child how to put on his or her own life jacket and make sure he or she knows how to use it.

    Also make sure the life jacket is the right size. It shouldn't Pq loose and should always be worn as instructeA with all the straps belted. Older children and teenagers are also at risk for drowning. Children this age ofic drown swimming in unsupervised places. Each year too many children die or are left brain damaged because of preventable drowning injuries. For more information, call It is a time for awareness, education and prevention of the serious health and social problem of domestic violence.

    Domestic violence once only referred to issues involving spouse abuse and, until the last decade, wasn't viewed as a serious problem. The criminal justice system and community service agencies believed the abuse was a non-serious family matter, keeping the problem behind closed doors. These trends are being reversed and increasingly domestic violence is regarded as a serious crime.

    The term now takes on a more comprehensive meaning and often includes child abuse and other forms of family violence. Concern for the welfare ofNavy families and the effects of family violence on military readiness and performance prompted the establishment of FAP in The earlier family violence is recognized and reported, the earlier a family may receive help.